Spiderman Slime – #864



Spiderman Slime

New science experiment lesson for both young and old. When Spiderman jumps from place, he swings, on what? A web that he shoots out by throwing his arm up and out. He then trusts that web to hold him as he swings, especially when he is getting out of danger, or sending web to rescue someone else.

Isn’t that true for believing in Jesus? For putting our trust in God and in Jesus? When you are called to step out in faith, when you have to give up your own agenda and when  you need to be rescued, you must trust in Him, not in your own understanding of the steps to take in life. Just like Naaman, you must immerse fully in faith,  just like Peter you must leave your life and gain His, just like everyone and Spiderman you must swing out in faith yourself and trust that Jesus will catch you, AND JESUS WILL!!!

Spiderman slime is pretend, for fun, and yet a great teaching tool for hands on lessons about faith.

It is great to make slime, mixing 2 chemicals together, white glue and Borax laundry soap. Add a little food coloring for fun. The glue has long chains of chemical structures called polymers, it oozes slowly. The Borax chemical is going to react with the glue polymers and chain-link them together, the long polymers are cross-linked. The chemicals look like a net (or a miniature web) if you could see the molecular structure and we make slime, which holds together, oozes more slowly.

The basis of the experiment is to mix equal parts glue and water, just a couple teaspoons of each, mix them well. Dissolve a teaspoon of borax into a couple teaspoons of water. Pour the Borax solution into the glue and stir. The crosslink reaction will set the glue into slime. Wait a bit – or keep stirring and then slime will be stretchable and you can work with it with your hands.

Spiderman must trust his web in order to swing thru life, we too must trust not our own understanding of life but Jesus and take His Hand, we live thru his life’s teachings under God’s LOVE and learn the truth that ONLY Jesus can give us eternal life. We are to give of ourselves freely into faith. Trust God’s path for our life. God does not want lukewarm faith, you are either hot or cold to Him, if you are lukewarm then God will spit you out of his mouth, like it says in the book of Revelation.

So trust Jesus to lead the Way because He is the Way. Speak about Jesus to your friends and family, because Jesus is the Truth. Trust Jesus with your life because He is Life. The Way the Truth the Life.

I urge you to be active in a faith community as well, as together we all can create a strong net to help others (including ourselves) be stabilized by faith. Be Spiderman and send a web of support to others, so they can know that LOVE and rescue by Jesus too.


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