2 Angels, 20MAY – #865


#865, 20MAY

2 Angels

“Is this your first pandemic?” Asked the one angel to another cloud cushioned angel. “No, but the first one that I’m watching from afar. You see, usually I was on the ground holding people’s hands, putting secret money in pockets for surprises, guiding pets to comfort their people just at the right time… see that tissue pack positioned just so? That was me.”

“Really? What’s your task this pandemic?”

“Watching a writer. Watching her write. See, she knows what Jesus is all about, she knows how she should share this immense knowledge of truth that things will be ok, that all will get to heaven OK, if they only believe… see, she worries that there’s too much bickering in the world, too much distraction and not enough simple sharing of the truth of love. She worries the message will get lost in the fray.”

“Are you surprised that she is stressing about people? She seems to care deeply. She knows that only God can sort things out, right?”

“Yes, she knows and yet she has to remind herself over and over again.”

“So why are you just sitting there on this cloud, being still? Shouldn’t you just jump down there and do something else to make her do something?”

“No. It’s only when she writes that she sits still, I need her to sit and process, otherwise she’s moving and moving.  If I sit, she will sit. If I can be still, a busy angel be still and demonstrate that the Lord is in control, then she will be still…. I  know that she will move again,  but now,  just now, she has to just BE.”

“So you are watching her just BE.”

“Yup. No better place to position a bee than just have her BE. Be in prayer. Be in pause. Be in praise. Be in belief. Be in tune… (See that tissue pack? I placed it weeks ago in her car, knew she would need it just right now. Therapeutic tears means living water repriming of her system,  shedding the stress.)”

“Be loved little bee, be loved. Be in peace. Be prepared. Be good. Be you. Be. Bee.”

“Hey. Thanks for the cloud chat, I see she just now got a text from a friend who prompted her with joy and direction just as she was finishing writing. You saw that Holy Spirit move just then, right? You just saw that inspired text about a VBS sing-a-long right?”


“So pandemic or no pandemic, VBS or no VBS, the VBS Spirit flowing just moved her back to focus on spreading the love of Jesus. She won’t be without her bee.”


“I think she’s ready to rejoin the world now. She’s just got to send that writing email to friends who really care to hear bee being bee… and now she will be back to bee-ing herself.”

“So, see you next cloud chat. I’ll be excited to see what you are helping her with next. Get your rest, that bee looks to be getting busy. Keep reminding her that there’s nothing she can do to share the love of Jesus more than just to be – BE HIS.”

“TRUTH!!! Bee be blessed…”



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