I Don’t Have All the Answers, 08JUN – #876


#876, 08JUN

I Don’t Have All the Answers

I have lots of ideas, many good ideas. However, I doubt that I’m supposed to have ALL the answers, but it’s upsetting to me when I don’t. That’s natural of course,  we want to help, know, act. Lately I’ve realized that perhaps I’m NOT supposed to have all the answers and when it’s clear to me that my mind is BLANK, it’s not for lack of TRYING, it’s from a lack of RELYING ON THE LORD TO FIGURE  IT OUT.

Actually I realize more and more the things I don’t understand… so, maybe I’m dumbfounded on purpose or have a block or because someone else is supposed to shine with their idea? (yes that has happened a few times lately) Yes, it is MORE important that an answer is found than for me coming up with it! It’s more important the praying out than how it plays out for me.  My job? KEEP THE FAITH.

Now I’ve been ruminating about important things to me, but not things of everyone’s concern. I even stress over broken situations I didn’t bring about, but still think it’s up to me to fix. What do you think I should do, what we should do in our own dilemmas? KEEP THE FAITH. Keep the walk and keep trusting.

And (clearly with many world examples) even if things go haywire on any terms – small or large scale – what should we do? CALL OUT TO GOD, and KEEP THE FAITH.

Of course, as I was thinking of these unknown answers in me, the Holy Spirit had me pull a loose thread of my lack of knowledge, my earnest attempts to learn, and I realized while reading a “scripture of the day” that I had never heard the scriptures from Habakkuk. And WOW… the answer that grows in Prophet Habakkuk’s conversations with God is : “KEEP THE FAITH” !!!

The awesome video teaching from “The Bible Project” reminds that in everything, we are to keep the faith:  https://youtu.be/OPMaRqGJPUU

Fabulous Faith Forever Fulfilling…

Keep the Faith

Pull the strings of unknown, but meditate on the known: God has a plan. In strife  and good times, KEEP THE FAITH.



The book of Habakkuk offers hope to people – BibleProject™



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