Love is the Best Fruit Worth Sharing, 10AUG – #906


#906, 10AUG

Love is the Best Fruit Worth Sharing

Picking blueberries yesterday afternoon (in perfect summer weather with the sun at my back) reminded me that God has plenty good still prospering out in the world for us to enjoy and sustain us and be in the norm of His creation… and I had the opportunity so I took it. My conversation with the farmer, I could have continued it all day, about his family, about mine, about him being off the grid as a dream… About his life, I told him about my father working 50 plus years at the bank, his dream to work just as long as his father worked the railroad,  and about his dream for each of his kids to go to college, we did… I  told him that a favorite Facebook post of mine is “it’s not your job as a parent to get your kids into Harvard, but Heaven” about teaching the next generation how to live and love what they do rather than what actually to work at… I said how blessed I am that both my kids have direction and dreams.

All my conversations in life and interest in people remind me how different people take the same thing VERY differently… Surely some people would never dream to live how this farm family lives (they do use electricity now) and his dream of the future. It looks idyllic in summer, but I wonder about winter though… It’s a privilege either way to choose a life that they can work towards.  Many in the world are stuck in bad circumstances,  we in America are generally not, but some are… so if we are privileged, we also have the ability to modify our attitudes and steps. The farmer told me about his daughter, my son’s age. He is motivating her to get her driver’s license as she depends upon them to get her to work. She just started at the local organic store, she dreams however to live in the city… my daughter loves the city too… All their kids were/are homeschooled. They all have dreams about traveling…

I only paid $4 for the blueberries, so I gave him $20 and a note for his daughter to use it for gas money. My father gave me $ for gas money, I can share some.  Most importantly I wrote in the note with the money about if God takes care of the birds, then surely He will take care of us…

And He does. My father and mother take care of me too as I take care of my family… and we all take care of each other.

And God’s love?… That’s always my twinkle in my eye, bringing  me my smile, seeing the extravagant LOVE and generosity of our God who is also to be feared, is jealous, and firm… He is watching us thru His angels too. Moving us thru His Spirit. He is a good God and if we watch where and when to take our steps, He will guide them best… for kids, for travel, for patience, for life, for blueberries that I got to pick, just like when I was a kid… i thanked this farmer for sharing the outside with the kids of today’s world, that’s rarity these days… the fruits of his labor brings joy.

God’s joy? That we are loved, and have our love for God – and have our love for one another – these ARE the fruits of His labor…

Love IS the best fruit… worth sharing…

906 blueberries a

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