The Mystery, 12AUG – #907


#907, 12AUG

The Mystery

If there’s one thing I have learned with following the Lord, it is: Don’t stop what you are doing just because you don’t understand how it will finish!!! (One example currently is preparing my daughter for returning to college in 2 weeks – just keep doing the prep, the journey is as important as the destination.)

Somehow, in a great mystery the small tasks or the large tasks will be completed, either successfully or in a detour, or halted clearly in a stop. The answer will be provided or you yourself will be redirected. In the meantime, keep working the work that works.  Drop the fluff that fails. Don’t be blind to the need to change.  Listen to your heart. Keep the faith. Perhaps you will understand. Perhaps you won’t. Perhaps you can’t.

The mystery…

The mysteries are endless in faith, and even the faith is mysterious to me, but I know that I must keep it. I believe, therefore I will delight in knowing God knows. The mystery in how – what – when – why is NOTHING compared to the WHO. God knows. 

I have thought that when I reach heaven I will know everything. I guess I don’t really know if I will. It must be even more mysterious. I’m guessing that I won’t mind if I don’t know all because I DO know that I will see the Glory of God and that will be sufficient. How could it not be enough just to be in His presence. Therefore, is not the Glory of God sufficient for us right now?

I wonder if like Peter, we can really step out in faith forever or only for a few steps, or if we will continue to reconcile our faith after denying our thoughts that God has things under control. He built it and us, and He still does. I wonder if we really can see how we ourselves ARE becoming part of the Kingdom of God – only by being strengthened by God Himself. If He is the builder, then in addition to the rocks, He must be providing the mortar too Keeping it and us all together. Some builders can put perfectly matched rocks together and some rocks need mortar to stay where they are built. I would be one who is not perfect and needs the essential mortar of faith to fill me in. Fill in my gaps. Fill in my faith gaps. Be fulfilled. Be placed. Be.

I’m a mystery in myself, yet God knows me and what it takes to build me up. So won’t I let Him build me? Won’t I let Him direct me? Won’t I let Him place me.

In a combination of faith mystery and life mystery, we continue our journey, we must continue as God has never stopped – has He?…  He creates His new Kingdom with us in mind. HE knows where we fit. He will even try every angle, knock off the rough edges, anything to keep us from the discard pile. He has a purpose for us.

In the Book of Revelation chapter 5, John writes that Heavenly creatures say: “Who is worthy to open the scroll?” Then clearly Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, steps up, He is worthy. Jesus WAS and IS the answer. So can we understand that deep but revealed mystery now? We question and are to know: Jesus is the answer, let Him take the lead for us too. Build. Fit. Trust. Know. Be. Live. (And keep moving).

The Mystery of Faith is rooted in Faith. Faith holds us, Jesus made us all worthy.

We have God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and life, what more do we need to know?


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