My Favorite Favorites, 20AUG – #912


My Favorite Favorites, 20AUG

Scripture tells us we are not to show favoritism,  but that’s quite the human trait huh? It’s not exactly what James 2 means about favoritism but I just have to say that I am asking prayers for my favorite favorites who are my favorite iffy believers.  Honestly we are to love all. James writes that MERCY triumphs over judgment. We should be merciful. Pray loving forgiveness for those who need it and act appropriately humble because we need forgiveness too. I have been the one others prayed for. Let me appreciate that. I am also the one needing forgiveness and Jesus came. Thank God for Jesus. 

Our gracious Lord Jesus loves to show us love, so that we may know how to share it. Our Father will not weigh our wrongs, nor our original sin because of Jesus’s act in securing forgiveness thru salvation to all who affirm their need for Him. I need Jesus, how about you?

My favorite iffys – oh…. oh, they are in my prayers today – and I pray that they are not even iffy – I pray that what I have heard of their vows of God not existing, that they themselves doubt their doubtfulness, that they are leaving the opening to their ears and hearts cracked just enough to let Jesus in someday… a last minute save is still a save…. ah, I have my favorite favorites and I don’t want them to be left behind. I also want them to believe now, so they help open up the cracks in others hearts.

See everyone does have a level of faith,  deep down faith that bubbles out sometimes, they’ve buried it with too many burdens, sticks in the mud who have seen so many storms bury more mud on them that seemingly no one can find the stick anymore (but Jesus can). If you can wash away enough mud, be part of the solution, then try to get that stick exposed just enough to get a grip on it. Thru higher water pressure, Living Water presence, and angel forces surely the Heavens are working on the Way to move them from “stick in the mud” to “productive branch of the Father”, ready to bear fruit. Love is the only way. 

Perhaps your favorite favorites who are stick in the mud people can be unburied and NOT left out high and dry BUT protected, continually hydrated by the Spirit splashing off you so they won’t get cast as dry fruitless branches into the fire. (John 15) Let’s pray productive mud. Let’s keep mud moving. Today Lord, I ask Your love to be at work in freeing my favorite sticks in the mud. I will mentally name them, but you already know: ………….

Lord, let us look for cracks in the mud, let us keep digging for these favorites whom I know. You water, we will dig.

Lord, let me show Your love to all, for you know the ones whom I don’t know.

Lord, let me grow and flow because of Your flowing love and reach. Let me work for You and against all evil. Lord, protect us and protect our hearts as we fight for all to know You. 

Maybe as Your mud-bee I can help. I’ll be busy for Thee.

We are the hands and feet of the Lord. We send prayers for leveraging LOVE.


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