Social Creatures, 19AUG – #911


Social Creatures, 19AUG

If nothing else, I am the classic social creature – sanguine – I enjoy people. I am social.

With the craving of spiritual milk that overtook me 5 years ago, I am the same person and also a totally new person – with understanding that my socialization is not just for fun – it is for real, it is FOR serving the Lord, it is with purposeful intent. And I am a new person in contentment to sit or walk or be alone, for I am OK with just being with the Lord – socializing with the Spirit, mentally healing without speaking, yet still conversing. We tend to process life by talking. Well, who better to process life than with the One who created it!

Yesterday I spent the whole day for people at work – it is not something I can chart on a bar graph – nothing I can measure in widgets made – nothing but helping others – well I guess it was a GREAT day then. I helped in places, learned about projects, was even in charge of the ice cream truck and social distancing folks and tallying the bill, money well spent. I went to the other building and socialized with so many there too – it was good for me and it was good for them. Today is different, today I will be quiet at home for a while – work this morning on the laptop until my daughter wants to start the day – I promised her to take the afternoon off for her – the last day that she is free until computer-based and in person based college. With live college move-in day on Saturday she expects to stay in her bubble on campus for quite a while… so today I will take the time with her – that is not a social thing but as much it is a serious thing, a special thing, a sacred thing, a super thing, and a smart thing to do…  

I need to balance both… I had opportunity all week, a hectic good week. On Sunday, even God rested.

I know this sounds long winded without a scripture, so here it is:

“Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:39 

The LOVE of God is what keeps us going – the busy times the slow times – the everything times we are to listen to God – nothing in creation or anywhere will separate us from HIS LOVE that comes in reading faces, in listening to chatter that enforces our connectedness, in being present to being hospitable, to being nice. His Love comes in sorting thru thousands of places to be, people to see, but acknowledging One directing the situation. It seems many options to take are good ones – many roads weave thru our days – sometimes it is a minute by minute decision to follow the right one.

Hope everyone lives in the moment today. 

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