Spirit Smiles, 12SEP – #930


There’s no doubt in my heart that our ingrained spirits LOVE to smile. Baby oh baby, I live and love to smile too… I smiled with a giggly baby today, 9 months old, in the store, oh cuteness… Mom says the baby KNOWS when people are smiling no matter if they have their masks on or not.  Let me say that again: even with a hidden smile, this baby knows when you are smiling! Oh baby!

The Smiling Spirit Shares Sweet Spirit Smiles!!!

Oh Spirit!

I do smile with my eyes, but oh so much more uplifting is when we can smile through our spirits… and who are we to stop the Spirit from Smiling? Are we to stop the Spirit from moving? Are we to stop Sweet Shining? 

Isn’t it so amazing… isn’t it SO Holy Spirit… isn’t it so sweet…

Smile baby Smile…

Spirit Flow Spirit...


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