Who Will Pray? GOD Asks You! 23SEP – #937


I want to help out the Kingdom here as it is in Heaven: I want to Pray.

Who Will Pray? How Do I Pray? GOD Says Just Do! GOD Asks You!

Lord, I don’t always take time to pray? What can I do?

Start Today, take time to pray. Every day, you can start anew.

What if I don’t know what to pray about? Well, here is how I will simply start, I will pray to YOU!

What if I don’t know all the details of the issues? Well, You do, I will pray to acknowledge YOU!

What if I go to bed forgetting to pray? Get lost in my day? Well, You won’t forget, and each day You will see me thru. At the end of the day, my prayer is that I listened to You.

And I do Lord, need to hear and want to hear YOU.

I went to pray in a prayer garden – it is peaceful and that is because PEACE COMES FROM YOU.

Walking in, I noticed bricks with names – Oh, these are Your children, Lord, they Love YOU.

Bricks in memory and honor – but the weeds blocked the names – yet You can read them, actually You are why they were all made NEW.

I weeded the weeds silently, enjoying dirt under my nails and seeing names come back to my eyes, these names made prayers in my heart. I don’t know them – but YOU DO!

Sitting now to write these words, I know really it is YOUR SPIRIT that chimes thru.

So, I now do pray God: “What can I hear from YOU?”

You then clearly said: “TAKE CARE OF MY SON.” I heard You, clear as clear can be. Yes God, I heard YOU.

My son is Your son, my children son and daughter are Your children. You already take care of them with me, for me. You do. Thank You.

You said “MY SON” – well Your Son is Jesus, the LIVING WORD, He is whom I truly live thru. Take care of Him in Me, because Jesus LIVES and the Holy Spirit advocates for You.

Because He lives in me, I find His Life want to break thru mine, His Words want to burst thru mine, His Love is ALIVE. His Life is True.

God – even in my wordless groans, Your Spirit in me means that I am able to pray to YOU.


Make me aware for any time I can share – that Jesus is YOUR SON, OUR SAVIOR in Spirit and Truth.

Lord Jesus, shine thru me – less me, more You!

Amen Lord, and THANK YOU!

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