Hey, Plan to Pray, 04NOV – #963


(A little rhyme in play)


Hey, Plan to PRAY, every start, middle and end of the day. Plan to SLEEP, don’t let worry take that away.

Plan to PLAN making a difference today! If you know the plan, stick to it. If you don’t know the plan, keep asking. If you don’t know the question, God will forever be your truth. God already has saved your day.

Plan to play, make the most of every day. Don’t worry life away, God holds the world’s wild sway. Every day.

Plan to return to the first line of business, talk to God and PRAY. Say that you can pray.

Plan to work, work the plan today. Make a difference, because that can and will work God’s plan in play.

Plan to pay, pay your debts and pay your way in the world. Pay the Way to Heaven? No way! The WAY is already paved and PAID thru PAIN to grant us Kingdom STAY. Lord, you gave forever to us that day. Thank you is the least we can say.

Plan to Kingdom Stay. Don’t plan to stray.

Pray and pray today. God loves hearing what we, His children, say. Hooray.


Amen all the Way.

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