Christmas is Still Christmas, Even This Year, #1000


Life is not perfect, but that doesn’t matter this year. The house is a mess, the dishes undone but really no one is here to leer or sneer.

Christmas is coming, too fast to even fear. Some cookies are smooshed, some decorations dented. Even some will stay in their boxes. Oh dear! Regretfully some cheer might be held back until a non-covid year.

Yet it’s a BABY coming, NOT the fancy folks, my dear.

He wants your head to stop spinning, and actually for you to get your heart in gear.

He really loves you. He wants to give you PEACE and draw you near.

He also tells us it is God our Father, we should all revere.

Jesus will take our burdens and hold us wherever we shed a tear. He will be the founder of your cheer.

No cookies were ever needed for Jesus, He knows EXACTLY what He wants from you this year.

Jesus simply wants to BEND YOUR EAR.

Jesus gives you forever life, you are made new in Him. All He wants is for you to HEAR.

That’s why Christmas is still a blessed Christmas, even THIS year. 


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