Lean into Christmas – it’s “the thought that counts” this year – this was blog #1000 WOW! 26DEC – #1016


And in my 1000th blog, “Christmas is still Christmas”, I should have added that the Christmas Tree LEANS big time!!!  https://debbieupper.blog/2020/12/25/christmas-is-still-christmas-even-this-year-1000/    It’s wired to the banister to lean less, but it still leans. It doesn’t need wiring, the tree stand is stable no problem, but I wanted it to look like only a small leaning tilt, oh well…

It’s a year NOT for perfect Christmas but a remembrance of leaning into our PERFECT Christmas counselor Jesus for sure… I could not have made it thru this day, this month, this year, these past few years especially, AND my whole life without listening in and LEANING IN for HIS PEACE… none of us would be here without Jesus. 

The cookies I made? Half didn’t even get to their destinations, stuck in NY or PA trucks, maybe they will still be edible in January.  Better yet, cast off the calories and feed the cookies to the birds. It’s a year where at Christmas and every day, this message rings true: “it’s the thought that counts.” When we let the Lord stabilize us, speak into our thoughts, decisions and lives, we get a glimpse of PEACE so that we can make the decisions big and small… He’s always helping with it ALL. 

Even though I placed 1000 writings into the ethernet to date, I am STILL convinced at the same conclusion that it is the PERSONAL TOUCH that makes our faith grow. I appreciate both the local connections and perceived personal touch connecting with people globally, all can be comforted to realize the deepest meanings of the Lord being ALIVE and active… Just like we have spent more time locally this year, speaking with neighbors more than extended family, our faith comes from the close connections with our Lord, daily, moment by moment. (and the local people got to eat those cookies 3 weeks ago!).

I can’t think of any other reason that I write than I am supposed to promote the process of leaning into the peace that ONLY Jesus can bring. So today and always, please lean into your faith, it’s the best possible Christmas and life plan!


(PS – Lately in my statistics I see that people in China have clicked on the links. Blessed! There must be OTHERS WHO STILL NEED TO HEAR!)

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