It’s NOT a Sit-Down Christmas, 20DEC – #1013


People enjoy sitting down for a meal, to open presents and just rest at Christmas. Many of us enjoy sitting in a church service, listening to the carols, bells, organ, squirming children and of course feeling the reverence of Christmas. I can hear/feel it now in my memories… It’s going to be different this year for many reasons, but maybe it is OK after all to feel different. If it’s NOT a Sit-Down Christmas this year, that doesn’t mean the Christmas Spirit has to stall. Not at all.

This year, be ready for NOT a sit-down Christmas, but stand up, walk-around, active, outside the box, sharing Christmas to spread the message of Christmas in a new way which is the never-changing Way, with a personal touch of Christmas Spirit… You have to get out, send out, ring out, call out. Christmas does not ever run out.

This year and always we are to remember the Way who made His Way into our world so we could make our way home to Heaven, forgiven and in peace. That’s a message for the moment and the masses. Jesus came to bring us HOME. Jesus is the Way to Light our Way.

Take time to see the lights, you can still go outside to see live Living Nativity scenes, because Jesus IS ALREADY HERE. You might need to walk a little bit outside as well as outside your comfort zone. Mary rode a donkey to her Christmas outing, but you can take your car. You might not find it “perfect” a Christmas, but what in life is? You can find imperfect scenes populated with imperfect people every year. However, there IS a PERFECTION in Christmas this year (and every year). You can find Christ in Christmas.

So this year, shake out of your old chairs, don’t worry about the parties or plays. Go with the praise. Share your gifts with those you find near. Focus on sharing the REAL Christmas Cheer: the peace and love and hope and heart of Christmas, ESPECIALLY this year.  You might have to find a new route, a new normal, but that is OK – Jesus did too – and travelled with Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem then to Egypt and back, they all had to make do too. 

Joy to the World, the Savior is Here!

Christ and Christmas still arrived right on time. 

They still do.


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