XMAS, 22DEC – #1014


I don’t mind the shortened X in “XMAS” for representing Christmas,  I use both words Christmas and XMAS because the Word, being Jesus, is more alive than any notation we can make anyway. 

Here’s what the X can be in XMAS:

X is the Cross which bore Jesus and on which He said “It is Finished” – while still IN human form, Jesus spoke of that salvation was eternally accomplished thru Him. The X means Jesus came from Heaven for us.

X is a “t” tipped sideways – representing the Cross being tipped sideways, the Heavens dipped onto Earth, lowered to raise us.

X is the Cross with Jesus’s human dead form, the tree, tipped sideways lowering the arms of Jesus into the arms of the people God sent to love Him, carry Him, bury Him, anoint Him, witness Him and remember Him. The X represents care for Jesus and all He stood for.

X is the eXtraordinary plan that God put into motion to bring us Home. 

X is the eXcitement of Christmas and Easter. Glory in eXcelsis Deo.

X is the eXclamation of Jesus as the Message of God’s Grace, Forgiveness, Mercy, Love. The X represents the hope to share Jesus for all to hear.

X is the eXamination of hearts and the erasing of sin. The soulful searching of the saved.

X is the eXtinguished banishment of eternal separation.  The body and the temple curtain ripped open. The brokenness bringing Openness and Wholeness. 

X is the multiplier. One God One Love One Life multiplied (not divided) into us. Times for eXpanding knowledge time and time and time again so Christ could be made known. 

The X of XMAS is the celebration for His eXacting LOVE. 

Merry XMAS. 

eXactly Jesus eXactly us.


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