5 Reams of Writing and Up-righting, 12AUG – #1220


I took a photo of my Spiritual Writings, written on 3 phones for 6 years now.

They have become 65 chapters, roughly one or two months each chapter, they are 1200 plus devotions. I started with 10 in a box that I hid in my car. I thought I was losing my mind, it was just that God was sorting thru my head and straightening it out. Jesus does have gentle hands and God has given Him authority to deliver dumpsters and clean us up. He rights our minds upright. I am told from scripture and preachers that Heaven is orderly, no wonder God is working on us too – He knows where we fit – “on earth as is in Heaven”.

These writings are NOT a life’s work but a WITNESS of the workings of LIFE, of Holy Spirit movements, of a catalog of GRACE, and of His momentum in me to comfort me as well as encourage you, and whomever I can. I must say and tell the world that YES INDEED, GOD IS ALIVE and LOVES us all.

I print these thru the Office Max (almost 5 reams of paper so far) as well as email and post them online, and who knows what God needs me to do with these someday – but for now these boxes and His ordered words should be displayed NOT as my legacy but as HIS…

Blessed to comply best I can…

Blessed to BELIEVE!

Thank you always for letting me share.

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