NEVER, 01NOV – #1292


NEVER enough time in the day.

NEVER enough daylight.  

NEVER enough time to myself.  

NEVER enough time with the family.

NEVER enough time with the cat. 

NEVER enough hugs.

NEVER enough time to pause.

NEVER enough time to work.

NEVER enough supplies.

NEVER enough people. 

NEVER enough people pleased. 

NEVER enough time to rest.


NEVER enough weekend. 

NEVER enough vacation.

NEVER enough summer. 

NEVER enough help.


NEVER enough moments to pray. 

NEVER enough prayers. 

NEVER a better time to pray. 

NEVER a better time to praise.

NEVER a better time to pause. 


NEVER BETTER to give it all to the Lord. 

NEVER BETTER to stop griping. 

NEVER BETTER a time to thank Him.

NEVER BETTER than to watch Him act. 

NEVER BETTER than to feel held.

Be Held.

NEVER a BETTER answer than what He will say.

NEVER a BETTER Plan than His Plan. 

NEVER a BETTER step than on His Path. 

NEVER a BETTER rest than in His arms. 

NEVER something He can’t handle.

NEVER darkness blocks LIGHT. 

See Light.

NEVER hide from His Light.

Never refuse His Helping Hand. 

NEVER say NEVER to God. 

NEVER not say: “Here I am, send me.”

NEVER not go.

Never forget He made you ALWAYS His.

NEVER forget that. 

NEVER forget Him.




NEVER better than His.


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