Don’t Guess, BE BLESSED, 07NOV – #1295


Don’t Guess, ask God.

Ask God for His Blessings  

Ask God for His Direction. 

Don’t Guess, BE BLESSED.


We are to know He wants the best for us.

Not material matters but blessings of what matters. 

God gives MANY blessings over just a smattering.

Skills He gave us are best skillfully embraced to bless.

Even Jesus worked for 30 years in a trade.

Let us transfer and donate our trades into something Godly made.

Matter yourself less and matter others more.

Ask the Lord to make your matters matter minimally.

Ask the Lord to manage the matters that matter more for you.

Ask the Lord to have His matters matter most, most heartily, most meaningfully. 

I pray to matter more of Him, and less of my mess.

A warm house matters.

Good sleep matters.

Feeding your family matters.

Doing your part matters. 

Knowing Him and Loving Him matters most.

As all good things are from God,

It IS in His Holy Nature to Bless.

Some apples are bad, don’t pick them. 

Some roads are bumpy, smooth them for others as well as yourself. 

Some projects are frustrating, manage them.

Some plunder of good living is good, donate all the rest.

Help others be blessed.

Sunrises are beautiful, enjoy them.

Napping houses are quiet, savor them.

Frosted fields are forewarning, prepare for winter.

Spring fields are for a short while, smell their sweetness. 

Golden years are golden, but it’s up to us to make them SHINE.

Be blessed. 

Don’t Guess. 


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