Catch and Release, 07FEB


I enjoy reading thru the parts of the Bible I have never read because I know that the Lord wants to reveal something fresh to me that HE thought of, to create a memory pathway into my brain. Not an idea having to be novel to the world, but fresh to you. Importantly, for someone who also wants others to know Him too, I believe that we are to take our encouragement jobs and skill sets to places where we are DESCRIBING THE ACTION, HIS Action, exploring the Source. To reconnect the telephone lines of heart and head we must WORK THE LINES. Telegraph telephone tele-us-Lord. Lord, help us help You set up new nets, to repair and restore lost connections. Work the Lines, fishing lines, communication lines, lifelines..

We are to be looking at scripture visually, scrumptiously, and as BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES, capturing the colors for a moment in our net to ponder and wonder but then releasing them for the world to keep discovering. CATCH AND RELEASE. 

We could listen to the Lord this way with the hope to share. The Lord’s Word is in the pages. The Spirit’s singing is in our synapses. God is guiding our growth. God wants us to walk in His Way.

See the caterpillars crawling on the pages and not know what colors they will be? Just know they will become developing scripture scenes during some NEW time while re-reading, re-feeding. Feed them while you “leaf” thru the pages. Read scripture like you are setting storehouses of supplies to feed your soul. Setting up Jordan River stone piles of memories (like Joshua), and walk by them frequently, flipping back and forth in the pages. Feed the caterpillars. Behold the butterflies. Build the memories. Build up your brothers and sisters.

Show us Your butterflies, Lord. 

We are to ponder and guard 

We are to wonder and watch.

We are to marvel and move.

We are to witness and walk. 

Catch and release.

We are to stop flopping in the net and FALL ON OUR KNEES. 

A treasure not to steal but the be shared in. Be ready with the net, network, internet, connective word set. Know. See. Share. Catch and release. 



(Sometimes a thought comes to me to write, then I miss it. I only had a glimpse, just a moment, but I lost view, it flew away. Gone from me, but God will find the other worker with willing acceptance of the challenge. Sometimes a thought is gifted and an angel stands in Spirit silent sentinel until I pick up the scent of scriptural something, the Spirit squishing about my soul, an Ah Ha Moment of keys clicking and a hidden treasure revealed.)

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