Sweet Potato Fries, 7 years Awake, 07FEB – #1392


It’s hard to imagine a year going so fast, let alone 7. But 7 years ago, February 1st, is when I realized that I had awakened. After a month of blooming – eyes opening – I KNEW at that time that I truly believed Jesus was not a made up Savior based on stories BUT REAL. And there was no turning back. This was not a short time ago to me – this was 7 years LONG ago – 7 years plus 7 days – but I can still taste the sweet potato fries that I ate that day. I can still feel holding the beams of the steel at the 911 memorial flipping over a coin that Superbowl Sunday, reading it: John 3:16 God GAVE His Son, and realizing that I REALLY believed it, REALLY realized that I had CHANGED, over the course of weeks of God sightings and Spirit sliding tiles into my steps. And 30 plus writings to start were a lifeline of my lifetime. I was AWAKENED, even though I didn’t know that was “a thing” before that. I remember that I had REALLY taken Jesus as my Lord and Savior, even though before that I did not really know that I really had to… I held up my double check sense to my heart AND head on Feb 1st, no going back – nope, no going back. Never could. Never would. Never knew that He had been with me the WHOLE time, I just never learned of Him in me, only learned of Him in History. I didn’t really know Him until I let Him in.

But this year?  I completely forgot February 1st, the date. Forgot. 



I can still taste the sweet potato fries sitting with “the girls”, knowing my mind was mobile and morphing and moved, I can hear my Christ-connected confidant say: “Hey, what’s going on with you?” Sensing but never interfering. I can remember listening and yet knowing that ONLY God knew what was going on in my head. I remember lunch, a baldheaded eagle perched in a tree, I can remember wandering driving in the car lost but landing over to the 911 memorial and knowing that I was FOUND. I can feel the hot cocoa couch collapse at my friend’s house after. I can remember people seeing a strange sense of something in my soul. I walked different. I thought different. I knew different. I can taste the fries from that day, but I will never know, can NOT know how God orchestrated my awakening in His Time. 

I can still feel Jesus holding me, never stronger, He never left. My salvation tied to Him remembering me. My forever tied to a decision NOT a date in time. Time to be dedicated, not be dedicated to time.

My forever tied to His faithfulness not mine. All I had to do was not stop God from opening up my eyes and ears. Haha, stop God? NEVER. 

God KNOWS the date.

If you are to be awakened, then wake.

If you are to become alive, then live.

If you need to ponder, get sweet potato fries. 

If you need to be saved, fall on your knees and pray. 

If you need to know God’s heart, say Hello to Jesus today.



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