Lead Me, reprise


Lead me Lord, to Know. 

Lead me Lord, where to Go.

Lead me Lord, when to say No.

Lead me Lord, to go with the Flow. 

Lead to help me to Grow. 


Lead me Lord, to follow in Your Stride.

Lead me Lord, to avoid traps too Wide.

Lead me Lord, instruct me where to Hide.

Lead me Lord, to give up my Pride.

Lead to help me feel for You, Inside. 


Lead me Lord, to You.

Lead me Lord, to work True. 

Lead me Lord, to hear Your Clue.

Lead me Lord, to give You Your Due. 

Lead to help me know me thru You.


Grow me Lord, to know You’re Ways

Grow me Lord, to count my days

Hold me Lord, to find my rest

Hold me Lord to be my best

Lift me Lord to raise my spirit

Lift me Lord to reach so near it

Life me Lord to forever be true

Life me Lord to find You

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