God Bless the Little Children, All are His.


It was a blessing to be a part of a personal parade, something that tapped into something that was/is much bigger then all of us, a collective outpouring of love and support to cheer a young cancer fighter, and his family.  The parade concept started from his mom asking for support and grew to hundreds of firetrucks, trucks, motorcycles, and cars, many with decorations and especially scare monsters with masks from the Halloween movies, horror genre… His mom thought he would enjoy pummeling the cars with water balloons. Well, he has been short time long suffering and could only sit in his chair, he seemed in much pain, but the many kids around him took on extra strength FOR him, to get the job done. SPLAT.

The firetrucks were silent as not to disturb – all the folks were so respectful and some gave gifts. I decorated the old Subaru with some Christmas in July decorations, easy for me to pull together in a rush, I have nothing scarier than rushing the Christmas season LOL (And Santa was there too, with his bike! So yeah, it was fine!!) And with extra decorations from my friend we got just as many water balloons pummeled at our car as all the scary monster cars… FUN.  FUN.

Sadness is in the rapid decline due to cancer. Always that unanswered question: why God, do kids have to get sick? I don’t have an answer. God knows we all think it.  God knows we cherish our kids even more because of it. In my grandparents era, many children died early due to many reasons – and in a broken world, we should not expect perfection in one slice, but we do wish it…  I have no answer but maybe a thought that only the bodies of children are young, but their spirits are old, like ours too. Our whole 120 max years is still minimal compared to eternity before and after, so adults are not less kids than kids in God’s eyes… maybe… in earthly world, yes we age in a flash of time. But in God’s eyes, all time is His.

This does not change the pain of lost and suffering children on earth, God have mercy. God also knows this pain all too well, and from the beginning of His son in purposeful offering being slain. 

God knows these pains and yet the children who are lost from earth have not been lost to Him. This also does mean all of us are God’s kids and our earthly loss is painful but means His Heavenly gain (sometimes a little sooner than we expected) is a gain. His heavenly gain is our heavenly gain forever… 

In the end there is no end. Time will catch up with itself since time will dissolve. There is no reason for us to rush time even though often we want to slow it down.

Forever and a day, God WILL have His Way. 

May we have health, oh yes, health we pray. 

Health until that very day when we will pass away, 

Let us know that is will always be according to God’s Say.


God bless the little children. 

God, please bless this family with peace and comfort. 


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