God Knows Summer


(modified from the call to worship I prepared this morning for outside church service- now a good reflection for a busy summery summer day. I finish this day OUTSIDE with the cat in her tent – and a covering over myself against mosquitos – not that it is dusk. The fireflies, the new bunnies, the stillness of a sticky summer night – these ARE the summer moments we have been waiting for – it IS like camping but not leaving the house – it IS like God KNOWS Summer and put it into place whether we were ready for it or not… Summer – He knows we need it – He knew I needed it – I knew too…)

God knows Summer!

This was a day the Lord had made – today – and it was a beautiful day in a beautiful summer that God has made. Summer is a favorite season. 

This IS the warmth that we all have been waiting for, those cold winter months are long gone. Gardens and beaches, playgrounds and baseball – swimming and summer…  Time for vacations and being OUTSIDE! 

Bright greens of trees and lawns, fresh summer fruits and HOPE everlasting that is renewed in us with a fresh filling. We are long past Easter but the blessings of promised forever life are never changed and this enjoyment of the fruits of summer should remind us of God’s faithfulness -.God got us to this day.

We have so much to be thankful for – and count our blessings! Not everything is perfect nor will it be on earth, but like seeing His SPECTACULAR RAINBOW after our storms, HE WILL PUT THINGS RIGHT, so we still have to remember to PRAISE HIM today for giving us each day and those forever days – when all will be put right (in HIS new Kingdom) by the amazing Power of Jesus crushing all that is wrong and setting in place all that is right.

We are but visitors here on earth, belonging to His Home above – and like another favorite of summer: camping, we all know that we will get Home and get a good shower to clean us up – a good meal (supper at the table) – and able to live forever at HOME in LOVE.  Thank You Jesus.

Let us, this summer and always, let the Holy Spirit in ourselves shine bright for all to see and be a messenger of HOPE. Let us share that energy and knowledge of future wholeness with people who need Him desperately – immediately – and forever. Let us praise Him ALWAYS.

Lord, be our light and warmth – You will forever be our summer sweetness.


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