All Things Work Together, 17AUG – #910


#910, 17AUG

All Things Work Together

A friend told me about this devotion series, and both yesterday’s and today’s are very good…  that God works things to the good and for us not to store of our treasures on Earth…

I like the points made in this devotion that we are being pruned we are being made to be like Jesus… And I believe that in the 5 months of this shutdown we should be more lean and more focused and more Christ like than 5 months prior…

So it’s a good time to take stock and say going forward 5 months from today: can I be leaner, more faith focused, and more Christ like??? Am I better than 5 months ago and can I be even better yet?

God prunes the branches like a Vinedresser, and the Vinedresser prunes his vines in winter when they are dormant… I was pruned in winter,  in my faith, then my flesh… it would be good to work with God today to get ready for the next few months and for the Kingdom to come…

It’s always good to be God-focused.

It’s God who is working all… to get all together…

God is working because God is. Amen

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