Forever Friends, 23DEC – #1015


When I walked up to the outside prep area of a church living nativity last night, looking for my friend Liane, I recognized her from behind, all bundled and standing still on the steps but I KNEW it was her. Had not seen her in a year, although we talk on the phone when we can. She heard me speak and instantly knew that it was me.  We are old FOREVER friends (not old but forever young) and there’s no distance in our friendship in time or conversation even when we are physically distant in our dust for a long time. She was completely costumed and covered by her fluffy coat, hood and mask, yet I knew her in an instant. She had also expected me that evening and was holding a present, of an inside joke, for me in her hand. It was a moment in the making when you know that the Lord Himself made the moment possible, because He makes our moments meaningful.

There’s no distance between old forever friends because the Lord has made each of us from His Dust. We may swirl around in different circles, but our Spirits are connected. Often I meet new people who are old souls to me and we connect instantly. A friend of mine says that’s my “superpower” but I know that is the Lord’s dust aligning.  I am often meeting old friends for the first time.

We are we and He is He, we do hope to abide in Thee!

That’s also why when we meet Jesus in our hearts, we connect in Spirit, Truth, Life. Truly His Way gives us Life. Jesus and you are old friends. He whom made you is always looking for you from the inside and the out. God, in God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit together, brought you into life on earth in order to move you thru the World, however you are given free will on earth and your eyes of your heart may be nearly closed for you, or occasionally we all put blinders on. We must ask the Lord to open the eyes of hearts around the world, for our friends and family and ours, to see Him more clearly.  There’s no distance in time or conversation with Jesus, even when we have emotionally distanced from Him, when we forget to call Him up. But we see His old friends around us all the time. 

I saw the Lord moving yesterday and shepherding and protecting and busy. Mom-mom as Mary, members of this big family who make me feel right at home. My parents and extended family in another state, so I get included in my big church families down here. A witness for me in that I saw the little children, the fourth generation of this family, dressed as angels, shepherds, and a donkey.  The little angel girl, maybe 6 yrs old, saw her cousin donkey and adorably said “Here, let me fix your ears.” That was after watching her grandma helping dress people. Helpers, Witnesses, Workers. We are watchers and learners, so if we watch Jesus and watch Him work, we learn from the best. If we imitate Jesus, others may learn about Him, understand our deep love for Him and look for Him too.

Amen and Amen to keep going…

PS – Perhaps you can call an old friend today, see what their dust has been up to. Shake the dust of God from your heart and spread it around like Christmas cheer… Jesus will be with you, our old Forever Friend, every step of the Way.

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